Saturday, February 21, 2009

Corn Chowder with Grilled Sausage

This time of year I eat soup... A lot of it too!! Breakfast, lunch and dinner....SOUP. I feel GREAT because I have a gluten allergy and when I find a recipe my system is compatible with, I eat stock piles worth!! Here's one of my very favorites:

Corn Chowder With Grilled Sausage

2 Tsp. salt
1 Tsp. dried marjoram

6 cups organic chicken Stock
1 cup water
1 package Apple Chicken Sausages (6Links) Sliced in half and Chopped into bite size pieces
4 Red potatoes cut into bite sized pieces
1 onion (chopped)
1 16oz. package of frozen corn 
2 cans creamed corn (14.75 oz.)
2 cans evaporated milk
3 Carrots, chopped
2 Tsp. Dried Marjoram


1. Combine Cut potatoes, dried or fresh onion, chopped carrots, chicken broth, and water in a large stockpot. Boil until potatoes and carrots are just tender (Approx. 10-15-min.) Add Salt and Pepper to Liking. 2. Grill sausage and chop into pieces. 3. Stir in the cans of creamed corn, frozen corn and marjoram, sausage, and the milk into Stockpot. Heat through a bit until frozen corn is crisp, taste, and EAT!!!!

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