Friday, February 18, 2011

No Waiting to Rise Homemade Pizza Dough

I found this terrific pizza dough recipe a few years ago. You'll never want to buy premade dough again after trying this recipe. The best part: You can just mix all the ingredients and immediately bake--no waiting to rise. If I want a flat bread pizza thin and crisp, I omit the yeast. I also mix the dough: 2 cups flour to 1 cup whole wheat flour or vise versa. Always have extra flour to add to keep dough from being sticky. If grilling dough, set the grill to 425 degrees. Brush dough with olive oil. Place dough with oiled side down directly onto grill. Shut the lid and do not open for 2 full minutes. Open and bring inside to finish adding toppings. Above is a picture of mine that I make. I love toasted pine nuts, shredded carrots, basil, peppers. Do not overload the dough or it will be mush!

Pizza Dough

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